Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lost Minds

SKYBOX: dust bunny. @ March 2015 N21! [DEMO]
-- THREE BEDROOM SKYBOX for only 400L.

CRATE o' MUSIC: Second Spaces [Flea Market Finds gacha, 75L per play]

PLANT: tarte. @ March 2015 Arcade! [LAST DAY! HURRY!]

CURTAINS: Cheeky Pea

NIGHTSTAND: [Brixley] @ March 2015 IDK! [wood and fabric color/texture-change by touch]


TEA: dust bunny. @ March 2015 Arcade!

"BEST HAG" STAR: [Commoner] @ March 2015 Arcade!

BED: Kalopsia @ March 2015 kustom9!
-- "LITTLE BLACK DRESS": Aria @ March 2015 uber!
-- "BEARLEESI": <:*BoOgErS*:> [exclusive to June 2014 Arcade]
-- CRUMPLED NEWSPAPER: Apple Fall @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!

STAR LIGHTS: Trompe Loeil (,#)

TOSSED CLOTHES: -tres blah- @ March 2015 Arcade!

CAMERA: Apple Fall

WALL DECALS: [adorn.mint]

DECORATIVE BAG with SCARF: Apple Fall @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!

TAPESTRY: Kalopsia @ March 2015 kustom9!

-- SET includes vanity table, stool, hat boxes, glove box and mirror

DRESS FORM 1: ur.favorite.one [Swan Lake gacha; 60L per play]

DRESS FORMS 2 and 3: -tres blah- (RARES) [Workspace gacha; 50L per play]


WOODEN FRAMES: floorplan. @ March 2015 N21!

CHAIRS: Lark @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!

SLEEPING PUPPY (SQUEAK! SO CUTE!): ISPACHI (RARE) [September 2014 Arcade item; gacha not in-store]

JARS: ASO! @ March 2015 Arcade! [string color-change by touch]

Speaking of "Where is my mind?" have a video!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


SKIN: Pink Acid / Doretta / Mocho Choco - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
-- includes three skins: bare, makeup and freckles
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
HAIR: Olive. / The Steffi Hair [Naturals HUD] - @ March 2015 uber!
-- Methinks Rose has modified her colors and HUDs much; the new colors, additional color HUDs and HUD changes are FAB!
-- Store is moving, so there is no inworld store at this time. Watch for updates!
EYES: [Buzzeri] / Elysium Eyes / Chocolate - @ March 2015 uber!

TOP: AMITOMO. / roll up sleeves shirt + tutu tulle skirt set / #4
JEANS: Emery / Mesh Mid Rise Skinny Jeans / Kooks / Trinity
SHOES: [BREATHE] / Sophie Flats / Midnight Blue - NEW!!! -- includes fits for SLink and Maitreya FLAT feet

BRACELET: LUXE. / Twined Bow Bracelets / Black - @ March 2015 IDK!
RINGS: ieQED / Jessi Rings / Copper [includes fits for SLink Casual hands, TMP Relaxed hands, Maitreya hands and copy/mod fit for default hands]




HAIKEI @ March 2015 Arcade!

COUNTER with SHELVES: :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade!

HANGING CLOTHES: :: Tartessos Arts ::

CLOTHES RACKS: :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade!

MIRROR: [keke]

"HIM" and "HER" FIGURES: junk.


PLANT: :: Tartessos Arts ::

CASH REGISTER: Grimes Central

SHOEBOX: :::Le Primitif::: @ March 2015 Arcade!

WALL ART: floorplan. & Willow.

COUNTER: :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade! [front view of the counter with shelves for folded clothes]


WALL SHELVES: :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade!

LADDER: :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade!

COFFEE MENU: :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade!

CLOTHES RACK (with prints): :HAIKEI: @ March 2015 Arcade!

WALL SHELF: Cheeky Pea

LAMP: junk. 

PHOTO HOLDERS (in window): floorplan.

SHOPPING BAG: :::Le Primitif::: [this is only LP's OBJECT for its March 2015 Arcade gacha set]


The Arcade won't be open for much longer - it closes on the 31st! - so hurry, hurry! 

(Ah, the shop itself is the RARE item for the collection.)

Monday, March 23, 2015


SKIN: New Faces / Willow / Ebony - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
BODY and HANDS: SLink / Physique (BODY); Elegant (HANDS)
HAIR: little bones. / Gods&Monsters - @ March 2015 N21!
HAIRBASE: Amacci / Hairbase Tattoo 2  [54-color hairbase set FREE!]
BROWS: NOX. / Harlot Brows - @ March 2015 IDK!
-- includes eyebrow shaper and tintable layer
-- TMP installer available
EYES: {Dead Apples} / Twinkle Eyes / Cacao [three versions; system and mesh]
LASHES: Mai Bilavio / Clump Princess Lash Set [Marketplace]
LIPSTICK: [theSkinnery] / Enigma Matte Lipstick [Tattoo] - @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!
-- tattoo layers (tintable) and TMP installers available for purchase
TEETH: [:TULI:] / Parted Lips - FREE!

TOP: -tres blah- / Summer Kimono / Magnolias [tank is texture-change/made invisible via HUD]
SHORTS: Addams / Short Pants [belt on/off and pockets texture-change via HUD] - @ March 2015 IDK!
SHOES: Tee*fy / Betty Sandals / Navy [for SLink FLAT feet]

HAT: :: C'est La Vie !:: / Mr. Wallen Hat [hat and belt color-change via HUD]
NECKLACES: LUXE. / Layered Necklace set - @ March 2015 N21!
-- Layered set includes four different necklaces, all shown above.
-- Four sets available: gold, rose gold, black and silver
RING: LUXE. / Vio Bar Ring [of Vio Collection] - @ March 2015 kustom9!
BRACELET: LUXE. / Wooden Bohemian Cuff / Dark
BAG: *Tentacio* / Shopping Bag [Downtown Visit gacha; 50L per play] - @ March 2015 Arcade!
ANKLET: Blah. / My Pearly Doll Anklet / Cocoa


Sunday, March 22, 2015

On a Breeze

SHACK: 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!

LADDER: 8f8 [Granny's Winter Cottage gacha; 60L per play]

WALL HANGINGS: Lark @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!

CHAIR (inside shack): Lark @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!

BASKETS: [zerkalo] @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby! [Boho-colored Kitchen gacha; 50L per play]
-- the basket with the striped throw is a group gift, and the group is free to join!

BREAD BASKET and CRUMPLED BAGS: Sari-Sari @ March 2015 Arcade!

BEVERAGE TRAY: Apple Fall @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby

RUG: junk. @ March 2015 uber!

SIDE TABLE: [Brixley] @ March 2015 IDK!
-- wood and lining are color-change by touch!

KEY CHANDELIER and VASE: Dust Bunny. @ March 2015 Arcade!



WINDOWS/PLANKS (against closet door): {Reverie} [Honey Pie gacha; 65L per play]

CHAIR with DECOR: Hideki [Shabby Decor gacha; 90L per play]


SKELETOR ELK DRAWING: floorplan. @ March 2015 TCF!

SUITCASES: -tres blah- [Bon Voyage gacha; 50L per play]

BOOKS: {vespertine} [Bookworm Nest gacha; 50L per play]

GRASS: Mix of *alirium* (Puffy Grass; Itchy Grass) and :frog's garden: (grass field / texture change)


TULIPS: Artisan Factory



HAMMOCK: [we're closed]

Friday, March 20, 2015


SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Judy / Brownie - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
HAIR: Moon. / Eleven:11 - NEW!!!
HAIRBASE: Unorthodox / Frenchie Hair Base / Chocolate [included in Illmatic's Frenchie Hair]
EYES: [BUZZERI] / Mysteria Eyes [unavailable]
LASHES: [theSkinnery] / Runa Lashes [included with Runa skin purchase]
MOUTH: Loud Mouth / Brandee v3.0
HAND TATTOO: #adored / Heart Attack Hand Tattoo [SLink / TMP / Maitreya appliers]

TOP: {Reverie} / LA Woman / Tucked Tee / Taupe - @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!
SHORTS: {Reverie} / LA Woman / BFs Cutouts / Vintage - Brown Belt - @ March 2015 Shiny Shabby!
SHOES: :::ChicChica::: / Natalie Loafers / Flowers [for SLink FLAT feet] - NEW!!!

HEADPIECE: LeLutka / ALVINA Crown [included with Alvina hair purchase]
NECKLACE (bigger): .Enfant Terrible. [Candle Light Dinner gacha; 50L per play]
NECKLACE (smaller): LUXE. / Spearhead Black [from Layered Necklace set] - @ March 2015 N21!
-- Layered set includes four different necklaces
-- Four sets available: gold, rose gold, black and silver
BRACELET (Black): LUXE. / Arrow Bracelet RARE [Hipster Rings gacha; 35L per play]
BRACELET (Girls): Eclat. / Friendship Chain Bracelet / Girls / Silver ["girls" color-changeable via HUD]
RINGS: Eclat. / Chevron Ring; Tube Ring
BOOK BAG: -NINETY- / Book Bag / Vintage
[La Baguette]
dfo! (right)


Moon has new HUDs! Here's the start page for any color HUD you purchase:

The Home Screen: This is just the starter page used mainly to show that the HUD is interactive with touch. There are also buttons on the Home Screen such as social media & group join. There is a handy detach button on the top right.

Page 1: On this page of the HUD you will notice the arrows leading to other pages and also on this page are the hair textures to change the hair colors. There are plain colors on the top and root options below.

Page 2. On this page of the HUD are Glitter options & Glitter Root options on the bottom.

Page 3. This is the last page and also where the streak/highlight options are. This will change certain parts of the hairs that I do by random choices of strands. Sometimes this feature will 2tone (usually on center part hairstyles). The top row of the streak/highlight options are in pastel colors. Naturals tones are on the bottom of this page.

Veronica, Veronica

fri.day's Semi-Annual sale is on! But only until tomorrow at noon. What's for sale, at 50% off? All things, except gacha and gift cards. That means... poses, decor, shoes and clothes!

These heels - the Veronica heels - were released at the start of the sale, on March 14th. They are made to fit the HIGH feet of SLink, Maitreya and Belleza bodies.

Above, you see Scarlet, Teal, Flora, Roses and Black. There's also Blush, Cloud, Cocoa, Gray, Mint, Nude, Sailor and Sunny!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Shed


WALL HANGING: floorplan. @ March 2015 kustom9!

CHAIR: Zigana

JAR o' TREATS: tarte.


FANCY PILLOW: {anc} (previous Enchantment event gift)

HANGING BOOKS: Hideki [Feel Good gacha; 99L per play]


CUTESY PLANTERS: Lark and Pizza's @ March 2015 Arcade!

SHED and RUG: junk. @ March 2015 Consensual!


Here are both Lark's and Pizza's Arcade key for March 2015:

Finally, I wanted to share a picture of the FULL shed, but the skybox I used timed out and returned all of my things in three bunches. I DIED. Several times.

And then, after I finished dying, I lived to put those three bunches back down in some sort of weird order and got this:

The Shed comes in PG and Adult versions, and the rug's front and back sides are color-change by touch!

Monday, March 16, 2015

To Forget

SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Judy / Brownie - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
HAIR: Beusy. / Flora - NEW!!!
HAIRBASE: Unorthodox / Frenchie Hair Base / Chocolate [included in Illmatic's Frenchie Hair]
EYES: [BUZZERI] / Aura Eyes / Drought - @ Kawaii Project!
MOUTH: [PXL] / Sweet Lips
LIPSTICK: NOX. / Novela Lip [tattoo layers and TMP / Sweet Lips / Loud Mouth / Nyam Nyam appliers] - @ March 2015 IDK!
HAND TATTOO: #adored / Heart Attack Hand Tattoo [SLink / TMP / Maitreya appliers]

TOP: BUENO / Vintage Bustier / Flora [standard mesh sizes and fits for Maitreya / Belleza / SLink mesh bodies] - @ March 2015 kustom9!
SHORTS: -Pixicat- / Cheeky Shorts / Black [lace is black/white color-change via HUD]

HEADPIECE: Beusy. / Fleur Crown / Purity - NEW!!!
BRACELET: KOSH / The Angel Key Bracelet
RING: LUXE. / Vio Collection / 11 Ring / Silver - @ March 2015 kustom9!

{pose maniacs} / Ana (LEFT and MIDDLE)
an lar [poses] / The Possibilities Series (RIGHT) - @ March 2015 IDK!


SWING: Trompe Loeil / Pallet Swing
POSE: an lar [poses] - @ March 2015 IDK!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Red Woman

SKIN: Pink Acid / Doretta / Mocho Choco - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
BODY and HANDS: Maitreya / Lara
HAIR: MOON / Dream Weaver - @ March 2015 uber!
HAIRBASE: Amacci / Hairbase Tattoo 2
EYES: #adored / Moon Eyes / Light Blue - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
LIPSTICK: Pink Acid / Slick Jam Lipstick / Berry Cafe [tattoo layers and TMP appliers] - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]
FACE TATTOO: .ARISE. / Love Facetattoo [tintable!] - @ Skin Fair 2015! [SIM 1 | SIM 2]

DRESS: Wimey / Frozen Fractals Gown / Red [lace and metal are color-change via HUD] - @ March 2015 OneWord!

ARM SNAKE: Half-Deer / Baby Cornsnake Arm Coil / Night
BRACELET: {anc} / ThornCombiBangle [base, thorn and tag color-change by touch]

fri.day and Qopi


And just because casting spells is fun:

SPELLBOOK: -Pixicat-
SHELF: *paper moon*
FRAMED ARTWORK: [noctis] [Sappho, Charles Auguste Mengin]

The potions are from Plethora; you can find them at the OneWord event, which ends tomorrow!

They come in a cabinet, but all bottles are unlinkable. I did unlink and spread them around this sideboard, which is FREE (along with the lamp) @ .aisling. (You don't even have to be in the group to receive this freebie; just click the sign, and there you will have it!)

Finally, speaking of The Red Woman, I'm pretty sure Game of Thrones is back next month, yeah?