Tuesday, December 30, 2014

But the Truth Is...

SKIN: theSkinnery / Zoey / Ebony 
EYES: [Buzzeri] / Lillian Eyes / Chocolate @ December 2014 kustom9!
HAIR: !lamb / Cities in Dust / Chocolate Bars pack
Pink Acid / Plumped Lippy V3 + Teeth / Natural
HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Elegant

CARDIGAN with FLANNEL and SHIRT: {amitomo} / Knit Cardigan Look 
Maitreya / Mesh Leggings / Black
SHOES: Just Design / Navajo / Black - NEW!!! [If you didn't get these at December's faMESHed, they are now available at the mainstore!]

Cae / Dream Catcher Collection [set includes necklace and earrings] @ January 2015 One Word on January 1st!
.Enfant Terrible. / Orb Bag / Leather [common, 75L]
BEVERAGE: VCO / Daily Bottle / Cappuccino

{pose maniacs}; Le Poppycock (includes bird; @ December's TLC  - common, 50L per play]

BUILD: dust bunny @ December 2014 N21! [Old Fashioned Winter gacha; 50L per play; BUILD is the RARE]
GRASS: ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ [season-change touch menu]



OneWord is back! For January, the word is "dream." It will open on January 1st and close on the 15th! Click on the logo to find a list of participating designers, among other things!


I found even MORE photos of me as a young'un. They are so funny to me - seems so long ago...

I do so, SO enjoy baby/young'un photos, so I say that EVERYONE should be showing these kinds of pictures. Throwback Tuesday.

Me in my Pocahontas shirt at Disney Land (World?) AND IN MY BEADS: 

On my uncle's lap... 

Ha! I love the look on my sister's face:

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Fine Idea You Crave

SKIN: New Faces / Kendra / Ebony @ December 2014 kustom9
EYES: [Buzzeri] / Lillian Eyes / Chocolate @ December 2014 kustom9!
EYELASHES: Pink Acid / Elite Alpha Eyelashes Mesh Set
BEAUTY MARKS: Shakeup! / Beauty Marks & Freckles Set
HAIR: LeLutka / Duchess Strands [part of NEW group gift] [ponytail not included]
LIPSTICK: #adored / Jelly Lips / Poisonberry
HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Elegant (Left) and Flat (Right)

TOP: {amitomo} / Overlapped Street Shirts / Blue
PANTS: .:villena:. / Leggings / Khaki Leather
SHOES: :::LP::: / Aluna PlatformBoot / Black @ December 2014 TLC!

/// offbeat /// / Winter Cap [RARE] [unavailable for purchase :/]
NECKLACE Eclat / Choker / Pussy
RINGS: WAYNE / Silver Jewelry Set [available only on the MP]

BENCH: {what next}
CAMPFIRE: {vespertine}
CUTIEBUNNY: Half-Deer @ December 2014 Collabor88!
ARCTIC FOXES: ISPACHI @ December 2014 Arcade!
"DRIPPING" LIGHTS: [keke] @ December 2014 kustom9


I am the blank page before you
I am the fine idea you crave
I live and breathe under the moon
And when you cross that bridge
I’ll come find you

Stay awake with me
You know I can’t just let you be
Stay awake with me
Take your hand and come and find me

I don’t have a skin like you do
To keep it all in like you do
I don’t have a soul like you
The only one I have
Is the one I stole from you

Stay awake with me
You know I can’t just let you be
Stay awake with me
Take your hand and come and find me
Stay awake with me
You know I can’t just let you be
Stay awake with me
Take your hand and come and find me 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Skinnery Christmas Gift!

As a GROUP GIFT, theSkinnery has put out a version of Estelle with Christmas makeup. It comes in all eight tones, with two versions for each tone (freckles; sans freckles). Above, I'm wearing the toffee (freckled), ebony and onyx tones (freckled). The group join fee is 200L.

HAIR: Moon (@ December N21!); Little Bones (@ December kustom9!); Beusy (NEW!!!)

CLOTHING: .:villena:.; -tres blah-; Mutresse

NECKLACE (Right): Lark

BY THE WAY, Little Bones put out a Christmas gift. It's NOT just for group members; it's for EVERYONE.

So... I found some old photos and... IF I HAD A HEART, I'D CRY:

(Sister and I playing in the snow!) - I'm on the right.


My sister was the cutest. She's not that cute anymore. IDK what happened. :P

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home to Me

HAIKEI @ December 15th K9! [The Winter Cabin gacha; 50L per play]

.{anc} @ December 2014 TLC! [NOEL gacha; 50L per play]

BOWL o' ORNAMENTS: dust bunny. @ December 2014 Arcade!

SLEIGH: vespertine @ December 2014 Arcade!

BOOKS: Pixel Mode @ December 2014 Arcade!

RUGS: Moon @ December 2014 TMD! [Here After Collection gacha; 75L per play]

SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Hazel / Ebony

EYES: [buzzeri] / Bewitched Eyes / Chocolate
HAIR: Exile
/ Slow Brown / Dark Browns HUD

[theSkinnery] / Runa Lip Intensity System [included with Runa skin purchase]

HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Flat

TOP: (= potcha. / knit vest blouse / 01

PANTS: Color.Me.H.O.F. / Leather Pants / Coal [now Rowne; pants unavailable for purchase]
SHOES: fri.day / Fiona Boots / Fawn
@ December 15th K9!

EARRINGS: Herspherical / Snowflake Earrings / Blue Silver
@ December 15th K9! [Also pick up the matching ring for 9L!]


So I start a new job tomorrow. I'm such a nervous wreck that I locked myself out of my car today. :/
I've never worked a night shift before, so I imagine I'll be making some adjustments. But I'll be posting as often as I can

Γ€ bientΓ΄t

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Promise I Can Grow Tall

He told me I was so small
I told him "water me"
I promise I can grow tall...
...when making love is free

(Really, think about those lyrics).


SKIN: [PUMEC] / MARIKA / Autumn - NEW!!!

HAIR: .Olive. / the Jayme Hair / [HUD 1] - @ December 2014 uber!

EYES: [Buzzeri] / Bewitched / Chocolate

LIPSTICK: [Buzzeri] / Cara Lip / Berry

TOP: /// offbeat /// / Gacha Crop Tee / (b) RARE

SHORTS: :Forever Young: / Sassy Pants / Pack 1 / Teal [includes appliers for WowMeh, Lena, OMEGA, Ghetto Booty]

Friday, December 5, 2014

Turnt Up on a Raft


LARK stuffs @ December 2014 Arcade: BOAT TREE, Wheel Wreath, Candle Buckets, and Stars with Lights

ASO! stuffs @ December 2014 Arcade: "MERRY CHRISTMAS" sign, Stars and Hanging Ornament (from bridge)

CHRISTMAS Gifts at Arcade: Hanging ornament (from "Merry Christmas" sign) from Alouette; Milk Bottles from 8f8.
(There are about 25 gifts and all are free. They are not transferrable.)

 SKETCHBOOK: Vespertine @ December 2014 Arcade!

I'm wearing the new Bearly hoodie from Beusy. This is "Polar Bear." There's also Honey Bear, Black Bear, Panda and Grizzly.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fa La LaLaLa Da

SOFA, WOOD BURNER: junk. @ December 2014 Arcade!

WALL DECOR (light): Lark @ December 2014 Arcade!

COTTAGE, SPARKLING PLANTER: dust bunny @ December 2014 Arcade!

SLEIGH: 8f8  @ December 2014 Arcade!

BOOK with BEVERAGE: / erratic / @ December 2014 Arcade!

CRATE: Kudzu Homes


TRAY for SANTA: .Olive.

PLANTER: Cheeky Pea @ December 2014 uber!

WALL DECOR (dark): Trompe Loeil [Advent Calendar 2013 gacha; 25L per play]


SWEATER, SOCKS: / erratic / @ December 2014 Arcade!

PUP: .aisling. @ December 2014 Arcade!

SKIN: New Faces

HAIR: little bones. @ December 2014 uber!

LIPSTICK: Pink Acid @ The Showroom

HEADBAND: .lulu bear. [store closed :/]

TREE, BOX of ORNAMENTS: dust bunny @ December 2014 Arcade!

GIFTS (right): -tres blah- @ December 2014 Arcade!

STOCKINGS: Lark @ December 2014 Arcade!

CHAIR with GIFTS: 8f8 @ December 2014 Arcade!

FRAME: vespertine


GIFTS (left): Alouette [Santa's Workshop gacha; 50L per play]


That's the living room. Here's the KITCHEN of this dust bunny cottage:

CUPBOARD, STOVE, KITCHEN COUNTER and TABLE: 8f8 @ December 2014 Arcade!

CHEESE TRAY: -tres blah- @ December 2014 Arcade!

GINGERBREAD HOUSE, CUP o' COCOA: dust bunny @ December 2014 Arcade!

WREATH: ASO! @ December 2014 Arcade!

LOG CHAIRS: junk. @ December 2014 Arcade!

KITCHEN HANGER: -tres blah- [Kitchen Basics gacha; 50L per play]

RECIPE CABINET: vespertine

PLANT: Apple Fall

BAKING SET: dust bunny @ December 2014 Arcade!

HOT COCOA: -tres blah- @ December 2014 Arcade!



So you can see the outside of the cottage!

And this is where I manipulate my grass so you can see why MIAMAI's "Bad Idea" RARE snowmen are actually a pretty good idea. I'm ashamed to admit the hour at which I finally went to sleep. I HAD TO HAVE THESE FIRST.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

HAIKEI @ kustom9!

Kustom9 is open for only one more day, so if you want this two-room skybox from HAIKEI, you'd better hurry!

Friday, November 28, 2014

theSkinnery [Arcade / The Secret Affair]

There's THIS skin from theSkinnery for the December round of the Arcade! Who's excited?!?!

I'm wearing Leigh in Champagne, Honey and Toffee, from left to right. I'm also wearing an assortment of tattoo enhancement layers (freckles, lipsticks, teeth and blush), which make up the two rares from this collection:



SWEATER: /// offbeat /// [gacha; not available atm]


HAIR: Moon }. @ November N21! [BTW, 50% off errrrrrthing @ mainstore for Black Friday]

TOP: [Foxes]

JEANS: American Bazaar

TATTOO: ::.Doom.::


HAIR: little bones. @ November N21! [Check out the "Hot Mess" HUD that are exclusive to N21!]

DRESS: BUENO @ November 15th K9! (Closes in two days!)

theSkinnery is also at the Secret Affair, which is open for only two more days!

The skin is 800L and the makeup, which comes in two styles, is 99L!

HAIR: LeLutka


TATTOO: Your Cocain

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Remember What You Forgot

SKIN: Essences / LouLou / Dark01 @ Cirque de Seraphim (INFO | SIM 1 | SIM 2) - ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT! 

EYES: {SONG} / Yuki / Dark Brown @ November 15th K9!
HAIR: little bones. / Spell Circle / (Browns HUD) - @ November 2014 C88! [BTW, whenever you see parted hair from little bones, you can be sure that there's also a color-change HUD for it]

HAIRBASE: Amacci / Hairbase Tattoo 2 / Onyx - FREE!

LIPSTICK: [PUMEC - BamboO] [Diana Lips gacha; common, 50L per play @ November 2014 TGM] OR [fatpack available on the MP].

HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Gesture

TOP: ...Mutresse... / Jana Cardigan [includes color-change HUD] 

PANTS: Emery / Mesh Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans / Trinity
SHOES: fri.day / Jet Heels / Earth
[add-on for SLink MEDIUM feet]

EARRINGS: LUXE. / Snake Taper / Purple

NECKLACE (Yummy) / Raindrop Chain Necklace / Silver

BRACELET: Eclat / Friendship Chain Bracelet / Silver

BAG: =Zenith= / Cow Head Bag [Animal Bag gacha; common, 85L per play]

*:.:petit pont:.:


Monday, November 17, 2014

Like It Never Mattered

SKIN: New Faces / Melanie / Mocha @ November 15th kustom9!

EYES: #adored / Firstborne Eyes / Goldenbrown [prize for November 2014 Enchantment! See all colors of prize eyes here]

HAIR: [LeLutka] / Alvina Hair / Dark Brunette 

LIPSTICK: [PUMEC - BamboO] [Diana Lips gacha; common, 50L per play @ November 2014 TGM] OR [fatpack available on the MP].

BLUSH: Shakeup! / Deep Blush / [inSienia]

HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Gesture

COAT with CROP TOP: /// offbeat /// / Can You Hear My Heart / Caramel @ The Kawaii Project!

PANTS: Maitreya / Mesh Leggings / Black

SHOES: fri.day / Maggie Boots / Earth [includes versions fitted for Physique and Belleza's mesh bodies] - @ November 2014 C88!

RING: LUXE. [Dainty Ring gacha; commons, 30L per play] - @ Sad November!



For these photos, I was standing at Half-Deer's pretty sim. 

By the way, I found these as group gifts at the PUMEC mainstore. There is no fee to join the group:


I've decorated my new Scarlet Creative house. It's available at November 2014's C88 and comes in two versions - high prim count (370 LI) and lower prim count (170 LI). And as always, the cost is FAB! It's only 188L.

CHAIRS (left, sans throws), BOOKCASE, BOOKSTACK: vespertine [Bookworm Nest gacha; commons, 50L per play]

FIRE: Rustica (included in SkyMoon purchase)

APOTHECARY CHEST: junk. @ November 2014 C88!

SHELF: Zigana [FLF item; still available]

ART: [noctis]

CHAIRS (right, with throws): junk. @ November 2014 TLC!

BENCH: junk. @ November 2014 TLC!

BEVERAGE TRAY: {what next} @ November 2014 TLC!

RUG: Apple Fall [Country Estate gacha; common, 75L per play]

BOOKS (between bench and bookshelf): floorplan. @ November 2014 C88!

 This is Lark's item for November 2014 C88! Here are all six colors:

Each color includes THIS version - with stuff and things - and an empty version for the less occult of us.

TABLE: [noctis] - [TAG; Mystery RARE, 50L per play]

COUCH: junk. @ November 2014 C88!

NEWSPAPER: Dutchie [free! several other freebies here]

BIRDCAGE: =Zenith= [BirdCage gacha; RARE, 75L per play]


CATS: (fashionably dead) [September 2014 Arcade gacha; commons, 50L per play]

OTTOMAN: Mudhoney [ottoman and throw texture-change by touch]

PLANT: Rustica


TABLE: [mdrm] - [store closed :/ but you CAN go look at pretty [mdrm] things here]

TABLE TREE: Mudhoney

RUG: junk. @ November 2014 TLC!

The house also comes with a secret room. Behind this bookshelf (which, yes, is littered with all of my gacha stuff)...:

...is another room!

By the way, you may not want to fill the bookshelf. When you click it, it opens to the secret (READ: BDSM) room, and since your pretty little things won't move, there's the dilemma. You won't be able to get into the room because your things will block the way! You'll have to enter from the back of the room.

DECK: Cheeky Pea

PLANTS: Cheeky Pea

COCOA TRAY: Stockholm&Lima @ November 2014 faMESHed!


   SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Hazel / Ebony - NEW!!! [Originally at TSS Fall, the full release is now available at the mainstore]

   HAIR: Truth / Sian / Browns - NEW!!!

   DRESS: :::Le Primitif::: / Love_Me Sweater Dress / Maroon @ November 2014 TLC!

Finally, I just learned that Lark is having a 50L clearance sale. Sienia is making room for all the things that will be available in her NEW MAINSTORE, coming 2015. Most of the items at the sale will be retired, so you'd best hurry your little pixel feet and GET THERE!

(Click the banner to get to the sale)


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Study Up

SKIN: [PUMEC] / Anastasia / Dark Autumn - NEW!!!

EYES: {Dead Apples} / Shattered / Caverne

HAIR: Naomie Dirval / Karrueche Updo/Bun / Jet Black

HAIRBASE: HOMAGE / [included in POISON hair; see below]

LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Sasha Lipsticks / Grape [three teeth options for each color]

HANDS: SLink / Avatar Enhancement Hand / Gesture

TATTOO: Alizee / Henna Half Dream

TOP: :::Le Primitif::: / Folded Sleeve Tee / Cream

PANTS: Emery / Mesh Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans / Trinity

SHOES: fri.day / Eve Heels / Pitch [add-on for SLink MEDIUM feet] - @ November 2014 uber!

GLASSES: -FAUN- / Genkai Frames / Navy [includes color-change HUD for frame gems]

BRACELET: Eudora 3D / Runes of the North / Earth [includes color-change HUD] (<3)

RING: LUXE. / Dainty Ring / Mustache [RARE, 30L per play] - @ Sad November!

BAG: ::Beetlebones:: / Hearts Sling Pouch / Pastel Pack [includes color-change HUD]

BOOKS: Dark Midday Designs / Bookset / Diary

-no wow-


Poison hair by HOMAGE (which is a collaborative brand by Kaiden Trill (of Illmatic) and Tonio Harmison (of Unorthodox). I asked Tonio if the hairbase was sold separately or if one would need to buy the Poison hair. He replied that, although one would need to purchase the hair, hairbases will be sold separately very soon! Watch out for that. In the meantime, you want this hair anyway:

And here's a makeup-free closeup of PUMEC's new Anastasia skin, mostly so you can see the lips!

EDIT: Decor credits will be in a separate post.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Before We Knew It

theSkinnery's new body [Physique appliers] is so nice, y'all.

You can't really see the differences here, so I've bared it all JUST FO' U:

Okay, not all, you pervs:

I've discovered this wonderful thing called GYAZO. I'm a bit late to the party. It's been around for ages, but I never understood what all of the fuss was about. UNTIL NOW. Anyway, I can show you what the new appliers come with:

It's 380L per skin tone. Before, you needed appliers for the hands, appliers for the feet and appliers for the Physique. Now, you get one applier for the body, hands and feet.

My skin is also from [theSkinnery].
Hair is from ISON.
Boots are from REIGN. at Sad November.
Bracelet is the ULTRA RARE (*brags*) from LUXE, also at Sad November.

(I owe a big thanks to Mr. Z for allowing me to frolic naked on his beach in my Sari-Sari raft!)

Stepping Stones

New House from dust bunny!

It's only at November's round of faMESHed, so get there!

Here's some interior stuffs:

SOFA: floorplan.

JOURNAL (on sofa): POST

LAMP: Trompe Loeil [common, 25L per play]

CHAIR: Ispachi [September 2014 Arcade item]


BONSAI PLANT: Madpea [common, 50L per play]

CANVASS ART: floorplan. (dollarbie)

SHELF with KOKESHI DOLLS: Lark @ Xiasumi School Festival!

MAP CHANDELIER: Lark @ Xiasumi School Festival!

RECORD PLAYER: Hideki [common, 99L per play]


COAT: Apple Fall


BENCH: Apple Fall

LADDER with PLANT: junk.

SKI RACK: junk.

CRATE:{Buckbeak} (now HAIKEI)


POSTCARD SHELF: floorplan.

VANITY and STOOL: Lark (not at temporary store for now; check back later!)

TRINKETS (on vanity): Zaara [commons, 50L per play]

SIDEBOARD: Scarlet Creative [common, 50L per play]

CAT (on book): Oh La La [common, 60L per play]

CHALKBOARDS: floorplan.

TRIPOD (with camera): Apple Fall

BED: vespertine

MOBILE: vespertine

RUG: [ARIA] [common, 50L per play]

And here's a closer look at Lark's Kokeshi dolls and the map chandelier! 

(Books by Apple Fall; TOP shelf plant by [keke]; BOTTOM shelf plant by Dysfunctional Designs)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


AMITOMO/HAIKEI's got new stuff at Xiasumi, which opened yesterday! Read all about it, including its cause, here.

A/H's gacha set includes three kinds of desks (chair included), blackboard (with clock), lectern, curtains, cork boards, covered piano, lockers and the rare classroom! It's 68L per play!

Backpack (on floor) is by xin.

Bookcases are by LISP.

Chairs are by 8f8 (FREE!)

Loose Papers are by Soy. (subscribo group gift; modifiable)

Magazine Rack is by Hideki [common, 90L]

Repurposed wagon is by junk. (coming soon to the mainstore and in more colors!)

Rug is by FANATIK.

Whiteboard is by Half-Deer (texture-change)

By the way, my class is FULL of students. They all just chose to wear full-body alphas and forego all mesh body parts. PROMISE.

Skin and included lipstick (tintable -  YAY) is Zuri from theSkinnery.

Hair is from Tee*fy.

Cardigan is from Mikunch.

Skirt is from pesca.

Shoes are from ANE.

Glasses are from Emicakes (of haha-die.com) - these are no longer available. :/

And here's a look at the hallway of the classroom: