Monday, November 30, 2015

Dust Bunny @ The Arcade!

ARE YOU EXCITED??!? You should be, for the December 2015 round of ze Arcade is opening tomorrow! In fact, it will open in a little over 15 hours from the time of this blog post.

If you're not yet excited, take a gander at this Dust Bunny cottage, one of the two RARE cottages from Noel's gacha collection:

Over the next few days, I'll be taking and sharing some snaps of the cottage's interior. It's got (what I've designated as) a super spacious living room, a kitchen, a cozy nook and an upstairs loft (perfect for a bedroom!)


... and also, fire up those LetMeIn HUDs. Don't give me that face; I know you have one.

(Snow Bear is from Half-Deer @ Collabor88!)

Friday, November 27, 2015

BUENO's Spirit Dresses @ Kustom9!

Bueno's Spirit dresses are available in hooded and no-hood versions, and in SLink/fitted and standard mesh sizes. Colors up for purchase are black, blue, bronze, red and silver.

Moi, the FIRST:
SKIN[theSkinnery] / Sienna / Ebony - @ Collabor88!

-- CATWA mesh head appliers ONLY!
-- Available in all EIGHT of theSkinnery's tones
-- Each tone includes 12 skins (FOUR brows -No/Red/Châtain/Dark Brows- x THREE skin types - natural, dimpled and freckled)
HAIR: little bones. / Break / Brunettes/Browns - @ uber!
NECKLACE: Eclat / Geometric Necklace / Silver
CUFF and RING: Eclat / Multiset /Tube Bracelet; Tube Ring

Moi, the SECOND:

SKIN: Essences / Nurain / Dark01 - @ kustom9!
-- CATWA mesh head appliers ONLY!
-- Each tone includes base skins (cleavage and no cleavage) and six brow options through CaTwa applier HUD.
HAIR: Olive. / The Blake Hair / Brunettes - @ uber!
EARRINGS and NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer / Angel Arrow

Moi, the THIRD:

SKIN: [theSkinnery] / Estee / Mocca
HAIR: Mithral / Glycerin - @ kustom9!
NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer / Captured Love Heart
RING: LUXE. / Hipsta Rings - @ kustom9!
BAG: =Zenith= / Leather Bow Bucket Bag / Black - @ kustom9!

EDIT: I forgot to mention; I'm using the CATWA Annie mesh head. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Where We Became No-one

Dust Bunny's Willow Farmhouse @ C88!

Soy's Ginkgo leaves @ C88!
-- fully modifiable so you can tint and resize!

{what next}'s Lisbeth's Garden Blanket and Decor!

Skye's Four Season Oak Tree (RIGHT)

Little Branch's Giant Maple {All Seasons} (LEFT)

(Thanks to Mr. Awesome for transforming my land from "sorta-lumpy" to "pleasantly shaped.")

Annnnnnd with the help and company of Blair, co-owner of Remarkable Oblivion, and Dearra Silbersztein, I decorated the dining room!

TABLE: NOMAD / Country Table @ Flux Ser Mer!
- Table is fully-modifiable, so I put the BOSH resizer in it and stretched it long and wide! Shush, you pervs.


-- Both are color-change by touch!


CABINETS: Apple Fall

TREE: {anc} / Tears Tree [RARE] / [NOEL gacha; 50L per play]

HORSEY TOY: Kalopsia @ Tannenbaum!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

No More Honey

SKIN[theSkinnery] / Sienna / Ebony - @ Collabor88!
-- CATWA mesh head appliers ONLY!
-- Available in all EIGHT of theSkinnery's tones
-- Each tone includes 12 skins (FOUR brows -No/Red/Châtain/Dark Brows- x THREE skin types - natural, dimpled and freckled)
HEAD: CATWA / Annie - NEW!!!
BODY and HANDSMaitreya / Lara
HAIR: [iruco] / hair28
EYES: {Dead Apples} / Twinkle Eyes / Cacao
--  includes system and mesh eyes in three "twinkle intensities"
LIPSTICK: #adored / Juicy Lips / - @ Coz Fair, Rainbow Effect! [EIGHT more days!)
-- Available in tattoo layers and appliers (Catwa, LeLutka, LoudMouth, Omega aaaannnnd SweetLips) - priced at 155L each; OR...
-- Get the fatpack, that includes both tattoo layers and all appliers, for 295L. I mean...

TOP: AMITOMO. / Sweatshirt #4 [Warmest Day gacha; 69L per play] - @ kustom9!
-- You'll get either a sweatshirt or a turtleneck sweater.
-- Play your size! XXS, XS, S and M
SHORTS: -Pixicat- / Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted
SHOES: Mikunch / Classic Wing Tip - @ kustom9!
-- So, if you bought all 18 colors of the shoes individually, you'd be paying 4,122L. The fatpack, of course, includes all 18 shoe colors and 11 sock textures - PLUS THREE BONUS SOCK TEXTURES - for 789L. Again, "I mean..."
-- These shoes are really stinkin' cute. See for yourself:

EARRINGSAriskea / Berwood
-- AD:

NECKLACE: {Imeka} / Glasses Necklace with flower / Pearl
-- Necklace is GOLD only, and HUD allows three color-changes for the flower.
-- I tinted this necklace; parts are not linked, so if you want to tint it, you'll have to tint it all as one piece. COPY FIRST, OKAY?
CAMERA: *Tentacio* / Vintage Camera [My New Hobby gacha; 49L per play]- @ kustom9!
RINGS: Kibitz  - Maya Ring Set / Onyx - @ kustom9!
-- includes fits for Maitreya hands, size 10 and 20 and SLink CASUAL hands, size 10 and 20.
-- Sets available in the usual Kibitz colors - copper, gold, onyx and silver 
PHONE: SAYO / Kawaii Kitty Case / Black&White (RARE) [Kawaii Case gacha; 25L per play] - @ kustom9!

SECOND and FOURTH: {Imeka} / Masami - @ The Chapter Four!
-- Used THIRD pose (from following ad) WITH Animare; my hand was stuck inside of my camera!
-- AD:
FRAME: [keke] / the 13th star / Bright- @ kustom9!
SHELF o' FRAMES: :HAIKEI: / Another Day Alone - @ Shiny Shabby!
CHAIR: Kalopsia / Knitted Set / Cream - @ kustom9!
-- AD:

I have to thank Mr. Awesome for his dedication to figuring out the graphics issue. After ruling out a number of causes, he suggested using a different viewer. So I downloaded Black Dragon after reading that it's one of the best viewers for SL photography. It really is fantastic. AND! It proper* did away with the inconvenient and the ugly!


* Do I get points for my probably horrific use of "proper" here? - ,# anyway!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Computer Graphics

So... I'm attempting to snap some pictures, and mi computer gives me THIS:

That's why I've been "off the map" for a bit. But I know a guy who can do just about anything relating to computers. He walked ME - YES, ME - through cleaning my heat sink. Before he Skype'd me through that, I had no idea what a heat sink even LOOKED like.

This is a completely different issue (yeah?), but he works on computers for a living. He's a master. So I'm hopeful.

Basically, BRB.