Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Forget the Rest

SHOPAHOLICS KITTIES: +Half-Deer+ [gacha RARE] - @The Arcade! [Open for ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!]

"We Were Together. I Forget the Rest" FRAME
Kalopsia - @Collabor88!

PLANT (on stand) [gacha common]
TELEVISION [gacha common]
Soy + Toro. - @kustom9!

The Loft - @The Arcade! [Open for ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!]
-- both color-change via touch

SHELF: floorplan. - @Collabor88!
-- color-change via touch


FLOOR PILLOWS - contains sit animations
Kalopsia - @The Arcade! [Open for ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!]

BED [gacha common]
CLOTHING RACK [gacha common]
HOUSE [gacha RARE]

DRESS FORM: ARIA - @The Arcade! [Open for ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!]

LAMP: ..Mutresse.. - @The Arcade! [Open for ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!]

"LARGE NESTING BOX": -tres blah- / Eclectic Collection [gacha common]

BAG (on rug): Toro. / Monday Breakfast gacha [gacha common]

BOOKS (on rug): {vespertine} - @Collabor88!

Monday, March 27, 2017


SKIN: Insol / 2-in-1 Skin Diana / Ebony - @uber!
-- includes shapes for Catya and Lona (CATWA mesh heads)
-- brow/browless and highlighting/normal skins included in HUD
BODYMaitreya / Lara
HANDS: Vista Animations / Prohands [Female] [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED]
HAIR: little bones. / Twyla / Brunettes/Browns - @uber!
-- HUDs have been changed to include all hair swatches for your selected color and animations/styling options
EYES: CATWA / Mesh Eyes
EYE APPLIERS: LOTUS. / Formation Eyes / 10 [gacha; common]
-- includes both mesh eyes and appliers for the Catwa Mesh Eyes
BEAUTY MARKS: Just Magnetized / Beauty Marks - set 03 for CATWA
LIPSTICK: Shakeup! / Aura Lips for Catwa - NEW!!!
NAILS: e.marie / CandyGirl Set - Oval - NEW!!!
-- FOR VISTA HANDS YAY! But you still get fits for SLink, Belleza and Maitreya hands
EARS: ^^Swallow^^ / Punky Ears
TATTOO: .ARISE. / Isu Tattoo - @Lost and Found!

TOP: GATO / Wowie Tee (Maitreya) / 4 [gacha; common]
PANTS: .miss chelsea. / Alva Leggings / Blue - @uber!
-- Fits Freya and Isis bodies (Belleza), both SLink bodies and Maitreya
-- HUD allows for four pants-color changes
SHOES: Momento. / Walker Heels - @kustom9! [gacha; RARE]
-- RARE's HUD changes shoe, lace and metal colors
-- Fits Maitreya and SLink HIGH feet

NOSE RING: Amala / The Lover Nose Stud
-- includes color-change HUD that also allows you to toggle shadow
BRACELET: e.marie // Throwback Bracelets@kustom9! [1]
-- Available in three metals - Gold, Rose Gold and Sterling
-- There's the three-thinger and six-thinger bracelets in each metal color pack. HUD for the three and six that allows you to change the letters!
RINGS: **RealEvil Industries** / Luxy Rings Set
-- For BENTO hands! Why, yes; that means they move with your fingers!
-- HUD allows you to show/hide all rings AND change metal and gem colors.
BAG: !gO! / Hippie fringed bag - 2 - @Shiny Shabby! [gacha; common]

HATCHED KITTY: [La Baguette] / Kitten / Night - @The Kawaii Project!
-- Shell is color-change by touch.

BACKDROP: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA Cosmetic Store [gacha; common]
MANNEQUINS: Ariskea / Angel - @The Arcade! [black ones are commons; pink one is RARE]
BUST: [zerkalo] / Mademoiselle
SNAKE PLANT: dust bunny. - @Collabor88!
TABLES: Ariskea & unKindness / [Solace] Iron table - @Collabor88!

[La Baguette] / Cantana (set of 10) - [BENTO-CAPABLE VIEWER REQUIRED] - @Whore Couture Fair 7! (closes in four days, so hurry!)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Powder Pack: Catwa Edition (Part 1)

Previously, I revealed the names of the participating designers for the Catwa Edition of March's Powder Pack. Now that it's officially been released, as of the 17th, I can start to show you some of the appliers in use!

SKIN: Amara Beauty / Brooke / Tone 12
-- Omega body appliers included (thus, you can apply to Vista Bento hands, as I am wearing above)
EYE MAKEUP: Bold & Beauty
-- Also included are "Natural Eyebrows," "Natural Gloss Lips" and "Highlighter and Freckles" appliers.
EYE LASHES: [okkbye] / Amaris Eyelashes
-- Also included is "Aquiver Eyeliner" applier.
LIPSTICK: ::Modish:: / Linda Cosmetics

Here's a capture of what's yours in every applier HUD:





But two things:
1) These are only four of the appliers in the 12-applier Powder Pack. ONLY A THIRD!
2) Pre-orders for the LELUTKA Powder Pack have already started, so grab it now before the price doubles!


Other credits include:

HAIR: Moon. Hair / 3WW  / Ombres - @kustom9!
TOP: .:villena:. / Torn Cropped Shirt / GnR Dip - @kustom9!
TATTOO: .ARISE. / Joa Tattoo - @The Skin Fair, Sim 2!

Friday, March 17, 2017


Inside of brocante.'s seafoam [RARE] Vintage Camper, available for play at the Arcade, are:

FRAMES (left): :HAIKEI: - @kustom9! [gacha common]

PLANT (left): Ariskea & unKindness - @Collabor88!

zerkalo@The Arcade! [all commons]

DIRTY DISHES: Soy. + Toro. - @kustom9! [gacha common]

"KISS ME" NEON: floorplan.@kustom9!

BORDER COLLIE PUP: [Black Bantam] - @The Arcade!

TEA: {Imeka} - @The Chapter Four! [gacha RARE]

BAMBOOSoy. + Toro. - @kustom9! [gacha common]

FOUNDATION CREAM: Ariskea - @The Arcade! [common]

FRAMES (right): floorplan. - @Collabor88!

BOOKS: Kalopsia - @Collabor88!

BATH BOMBS: Ariskea - @The Arcade! [common]


Just me and my little puppy...

And my irrational, long-lasting love for classic Disney. This song always picks me up:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Powder Pack for March: ORDER SOON!

The CATWA March Edition of the Powder Pack is available for pre-order now and until March 16th, with the actual box being delivered on the 17th. That's right; you've got four days to purchase the pack at its discounted cost of 1,500L. After the 16th, it'll cost 3,000L!

These 12 amazing brands will showcase items for the March pack:

Amara Beauty
Bold & Beauty
Just Magnetized
Pink Fuel

Here's all the information you'll ever need about the Powder Pack, including where to order!

Order in-world
Order @ the Marketplace
Powder Pack Website
Powder Pack In-world Group
Powder Pack Facebook Page
Powder Pack Flickr Group

Be quick!

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Anonymity Shape!

I've made a shape! And that shape is available for purchase on the Marketplace!

I hope there will be more of these and other kinds of goodies, such as appliers for the various mesh heads. But for now, all I've got it this little anonymous shape, made for LeLutka's Simone Bento mesh head. I'm wearing the Maitreya Lara mesh body, but the shape works as well with SLink Physique and my favorite of the three Belleza bodies, Isis.

A style card is included, of course - complete with SLurls and as much information as you can stand on, for example, HUDs and additional colors available for sale.

(Click on the picture below to get to the MP listing)